Open Flight Deck (OFD) partner the University of Southampton attended the Ergonomics & Human Factors annual conference on 29th April 2019, where Professor Neville Stanton presented a paper on a novel approach to designing new flight deck interfaces for future systems.

OFD’s Prof. Neville Stanton presenting at Ergonomics & Human Factors 2019

New technologies must be carefully integrated to ensure that the demands of the flight deck system match the capabilities of the user.  However, as technological advances increase the capabilities of automation systems, end users increasingly become the weak link within the chain.  With this in mind, it is important that manufacturers and application developers take the time to acknowledge Human Factors within the design process and utilise opportunities to engage with actual end users, in this case line pilots.

Professor Stanton described how the Design with Intent method is being used in OFD to generate novel design concepts for new flight deck interfaces.  This is a new method to apply to the aviation domain but holds the potential to incorporate extensive feedback from pilots into the design of new applications used on the flight deck.  Preliminary findings from design workshops with commercial airline pilots were presented and discussed.

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