A cutting-edge new business jet simulator part funded under the Open Flight Deck (OFD) programme has successfully been tested at BAE Systems, Electronic Systems, Rochester.

The cockpit simulator has been used as the development test bed for taxi guidance and runway overrun awareness aids developed as part of the OFD programme.

It is the latest addition to a comprehensive suite of flight environments at the company’s Rochester facility, each designed to support the engineering development, testing and demonstration of core company products.

The new simulator includes an array of existing and emerging technology, including the Company’s 5th Generation Active Sidestick and waveguide Head-Up Display, together with new flight crew aids developed within the OFD programme.

It takes the form of a generic cockpit configuration that can also accommodate passive or active column and wheel controls as well as other existing and emerging head-mounted display and cockpit computing technology.

The new environment features close integration with a flexible commercial flight simulation suite and a sophisticated 180° collimated outside world projection system to create a more representative simulated flight experience for both Head-Up and Head-Mounted Displays.