Hosted by the ATI, this webinar will examine aspects and capabilities of autonomous systems as well as the challenges in transitioning to full autonomy. With guest speakers Dr Myles Taylor of GE Aviation, Louisa Smith of NATS, Mike Gadd of Altitude Angel and Gary Cutts of Future Flight Challenge, the event takes place on 4th August from 14.00 – 15.00 (UK time).

With the emergence of new forms of air transport such as unmanned aircraft for deliveries and remote search and rescue through to urban air taxis, a safe, sustainable and seamless future mobility ecosystem is building around autonomous systems. As these systems mature, opportunities for realising benefits of autonomy in manned commercial air transport will emerge. Open Flight Deck aims to open up the cockpit to safe and secure innovation by enabling regular updates of flight deck applications and, as such, understanding the capabilities, challenges and air transport needs of autonomy is a key area of interest.
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