With the recent introduction of large area touch screens on the latest versions of the A350 and 777, concerns remain that touch screen interfaces are inferior to mechanical controls on the flight deck, especially while under the effects of turbulence. Open Flight Deck has been investigating the validity of these concerns by designing touch screen interfaces that replicate common flight deck tasks and then measuring the usability of these interfaces under turbulent conditions.

Following a successful completion of the most recent human factors touchscreen evaluation trials in early 2020, a one-page presentation has been accepted for the forthcoming Society of Information Display – Display Week 2020 to be held virtually from 3-7 August. This presentation gives OFD an opportunity to publicise the work undertaken to a wider display industry.

In addition, a more comprehensive journal paper has  been submitted to the International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, under a special issue ‘Modernising the Flight Deck’.

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