The fourth of five sets of simulator based trials has recently been completed at the BAE Systems, Rochester facility.  The trials are focussed on assessing new aircrew applications developed at BAE Systems for the Open Flight Deck programme, with the Coventry University Team providing valuable flight deck CONOPS and human factors design expertise.

A collection of tasks created by the two teams allow each pilot to evaluate flight deck applications developed to support the take-off, landing and taxi phases in the new business jet simulator that has been part funded by the OFD programme.

The trials consist of a human-in-the-loop assessment to evaluate how the combination of Head-Up Display and Active Control Sidestick technologies could enhance situational awareness and help improve pilot performance across a range of simulated operational conditions. The evaluations employ a combination of both subjective and objective assessment methods, using industry standard workload and situational awareness measures in addition to analysis of comprehensive recordings of cockpit control inputs, eye-tracking of HUD symbology usage, cockpit video / audio, aircraft state and simulated outside world scene.

Following an overwhelming response from the pilot community, a total of ten pilot assessments were successfully completed prior to the Covid-19 lockdown.  Up to 5 further pilot trials are envisaged and the key findings from the trials are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2020.