Join members of the Open Flight Deck (OFD) consortium – GE Aviation, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, University of Southampton and Coventry University – at the ATI Conference (19th and 20th November) for an exploration of how the partners are working together towards the creation of the world’s most advanced flight deck.

The Open Flight Deck exhibition will be situated in Vox 1 at the Conference. Visit the stand to view application, tools and interactive colour head up display (HUD) demos from Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation, and Coventry University. You will also be able to view an OHUD model from BAE Systems and find out about the human factors engineering work undertaken for the project by University of Southampton.

The consortium has made significant progress on the project over the last two and a half years, including:

Open platforms: Bringing all the benefits of IMA and multi-DAL application hosting, as well as tools to enable rapid application development and supporting full cockpit simulation.

Human centred design: Developed best in class applications using world leading human centric design methods and processes aligned to FAA and EASA HF certification guidance.

Application creation: Taking human-centred design output and turning them into robust flight deck applications such as the engine health application – providing safe, timely and cost-effective data rich expertise to flight crew.

HMI: Incorporating the latest display, touch and HMI feedback technologies.

Evaluation: Human-centric design demands applications and user interfaces are regularly and consistently evaluated by subject experts in real world simulation environments.   OFD has involved early concept trials such as colour HUD symbology and embraces opportunities and challenges from both operational changes such as NextGen / SESAR and HMI advances such as 3D, colour HUD symbology or haptic feedback.

About the Conference

ATI Conference 2019 is taking place at The Vox Centre, Birmingham, on 19th – 20th November. For further information about the Conference and how to purchase tickets, please visit: