25-27 September 2018

Mark Smith from the Open Flight Deck team presented at the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) recently, sharing some insights from the work he performed as part of the ARP60494 (Touch Interactive Display Systems: Human Factors Considerations, System Design and Performance Guidelines).

The presentation – “Investigating the Usability of Touchscreens in a Turbulent Flight Deck” – looks at the key issues in the use of touchscreens. The works focuses on identifying gestures that result in reliable interactions in turbulent conditions and what can aid the pilot to cope with such conditions.

The results of this investigation revealed what gestures suit the increase-decrease task best as well as the tolerances and direction of utilizing swipe gestures. Furthermore, overhead touch screens result in high discomfort and the use of anchor points to grip are essential to keep the pilot’s hand stable whilst interacting with the screen.

For more information about the Conference, visit http://2018.dasconline.org/